20 Years Since "Clueless"

Monday, July 20, 2015

So yesterday was a very important day. Clueless is 20 years now!
    If you haven't see it (and you have to). Here is a little synopsis about it.
    This movie take place in the 90's in Los Angeles. It's about a sixteen years old girl named Cher, she is the most popular girl in her school and she's quite egocentric. She have a best friend called Dionne. And a ex-stepbrother named Josh who visits her and her dad, Mel, on a break from college.
    In the school  she meets the new girl, Tai Frasier and Cher and Dionne "adopt her" because Cher wants to make something altruistic. She changes her clothes, her hair, even she tries to get Tai a new boyfriend but Tai is in love with someone Cher doesn't approve. 
    In the movie Cher learns how to be really altruistic and she fall in love with someone that she never thought she would.

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