My Song of The Week: Alone With You.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

This song is one of my favorites songs ever. It's by Phebe Starr. I found it while I was watching the last season of Dance Academy. In a really emotional moment. 
  I liked the song not for the letter or the video, I liked it because -as I said- it was on a very emotional moment, when you feel broken, or somehow inspired. I wish I could put this song and dance it just the way Abigail did in the series, broken, frustrated...
  Everytime I hear it I remember that scene. And -if you already watched Dance Academy- I think she didn't dance for Tara, I think she danced for Sammy which it breaks my heart so much.

  If you want to watch Abigail's solo dancing Alone With You, here's the video ;) :

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