Staying Home Alone

Friday, July 17, 2015

Three days ago I finished my classes. Everyone was crying while I was there just wanting to go home because that was a terrible awkward moment. Since that I've been in my house all alone (well, sometimes my dad and my brother are at home), I have done was watching Netfilx or reading or sleeping or doing nothing.
    You would think is boring, but actually it doesn't. 'Cause the last six months I've been really stressed about the school. I cried, I got angry and I was depressed. So now I feel like a new girl who can do anything she wants and I feel so free right now.
    Never felt so comfortable in my life.
    I mean it. All those six months was just studying for an exam that I had to do in june. My week basically going to the school then come back to my house and then going to a stupid course. It freaks me out....

    Now I can sleep all I want, see Netflix anytime I want and do whatever I want. Normally I hate summer but this is the best summer ever. I am doing more exercise, that makes me feel good with myself and I am watching results.
    So I don't know about you but I am really loving this summer. What about you? This summer is boring for you? Or you love it?

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