My Life In My New School

Friday, August 28, 2015

Two weeks ago I go back to school and it's been really hard for me. I'm in fourth grade and my life have changed so much, merely on change my hole schedules. My mom told me not to worry, that there are people who have life more difficult than me. So if you have problems with school or you just go to school; here are my advices:

    1° Don't stress too much: And I say it by experience because I have live it all my life. I always worry because: 1) I'll get late, 2) I have a lot of work to do, 3) there is no time, etc. A little mistake can't affect all your life.
     2° Order your schedule: I was in the morning shift but now I study on evenings and this have changed my biological clock. When I used towake up 7:00am, now I wake up one hour later because I'm really tired for last night, but I know that hour I could use it to do something more productive like excersice or homework,
      3° Give it a little priority to school: I know it's hard stop watching Netflix or Tumblr, but if you have work to do, do it that first, do your homework good and faster, and I bet you will have more time to do all the stuff you like, or (in my case) make myself properly.
       4° Enjoy It: Enjoy all classes, the good teachers and the people you met or you will met, if you don't do this, these will be the years more longer and laborious of your life.
        This is moreless what I've learned, I hope this help you. I still find a little bit hard to adapt to my new school, but I'll try to fulfill these goals because I want these years to be amazing.

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