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Friday, October 09, 2015

The last four weeks have been the craziest ones for all fashion industry. Why? Because these weeks are for fashion designers to show their new collections. Everyone who loves fashion wants to be in all these couture events. And more when these events are in New York City, London, Paris and Milan.

   A lot of people think that these kind of events are superficial, and sadly sometimes they are. But there's also a lot of people that thinks that fashion its their passion. And that's the people who we should admire in these weeks. Fashion it's almost like art -and I bet people actually think fashion it's art-. It's a way to express yourself in the way you dress and show your personality. And it's the work of so many people: the dressmaker, the designer, etc. So fashion isn't something we should devaluate.
    In these four weeks, I've loved clothes and shoes that I wish I could buy. But I also have seen things that I really don't know who in this world would wear. So this are my favourites (also the skirt and the shoes in the picture above):
Elie Saab, Paris Fashion Week

Stella McCartney, Paris Fashion Week

Fendi, Milan Fashion Week

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