My Best and Worst Dressed of 2015

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Today my sister and I talked about who was really fashionable this year and who didn't dressed very well this year.
And from all the long conversation we had, our best dressed this year was Emma Stone at the Oscars.

I think that green dress made all her make up that highlight more, and the back of the dress was beautiful.

    Also one of the girls that really looked amazing this year was Lily James at the Premiers of her movie Cinderella. She looked sophisticated and classy.

There were a lot of good dressed this year, like Léa Seydoux at the premiers of James Bond. But there also were a lot of horrible dressed this year.
Selena Gómez sometimes had very good dresses like these ones:
But not of all her dresses were good, or they didn’t looked good on her and her type of body. I really don’t like when she use contact lenses. Of course nobody is perfect so I congratulate her for take the risk at trying new looks. (But I really hope she stop using contact lenses next year.)

In this year one of the styles I didn’t like were  Taylor Swift’s. Specially these two:

In the first look I didn’t like anything at all, I think she had better looks for the Grammys tan this one like the White dress she wore in 2013. So I was really disappointed she wore this dress.
The only thing I liked in the second look was her make up. I didn’t like those loose trousers at all.

Talked about who’s your best and worst dressed is really difficult, there are a lot of kinds of likes, and  these were mine. 
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