My Favourite Things of 2015

Friday, January 01, 2016

This year wasn't the best year of all, but I learned a lot of things and I really apreciate that. From all the things I bought, recived, read, and listened; here are definitelly my faves.

Books & School
This year I got a fantastic teacher in Spanish Lenguage and she made us ready incredible books, but my favourite was "Mist" by Miguel de Unamuno. This book made me get angry and surprised and confused in so many ways that I think it's one of my favourite books ever. Although I wanted the end to be different...
    I entered to High School four months ago and I have learnt to be more independent. This year was not what I expected, but it was not so bad. In this year my favourite asignatures were Spanish Lenguage, History and Maths. I know you're maybe like "Is this girl is crazy?" But seriously, these asignatures are usually faves and this year I got very good teachers, they are so smart and thay made me ennjoy their classes. I love them so much.

Style & Beauty
I normally don't use make up at all. But I got a labial from my momo last year in Christmas and I have used it everytime I make uo for a party. It's the only labial I have but I like it so much because is discreet and I think it looks good on my skin. 
   And my favourite nail polish color was definitely Skylight and I'm gonna quote what I wrote in the last post: "I love it because it's a little bit litmus and it has a cool name"
   I also bought this glasses, they are now my favourite because thay look classy and edgy.
    My mom bought me my first pair of boots and I thank her like you have no idea and here are the reasons: 1) they look discreet and are easy to were because there are other boots that it's like a mortal tramp. 2) I look taller and for me that means a lot because my height is 5'2'' 
    My sister got mr this key chain of Harley Quinn (aka the Joker's girlfriend) and I love it, she's one of my favourite villains ever. And of course my favourite sweatshirt and beanie were from the Packers. 
I'm happy this year I found new artists because I was starting to get bored with the same music and these were my faves of the year:
Favourite Albums: Made In The A.M. by One Direction and Purpuse by Justin Bieber (which I think it's the best album of JB ever)
Favourite Artits: Tennis and Zella Day. I found Tennis in Rokie Mag because Alaina Moore, the singer of the band, wrote a very inspirational column about finding her Sasha Fierce -you can read the column here-.
Favourite Song: Night Still Young by Nicki Minaj
Movies & Series
This year was for me, the year of the super heroes because I watched and I loved Flash, Jessica Jones and obviously, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and I think there is no expanation why they are incredible....

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