Incredibly in love with Adrian Grenier

Monday, June 29, 2015

Last week I saw Drive Me Crazy where Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier appear.
So after I saw the movie, I fell in love with Adrian (Chase) and get into a horrible adiction of him. This week I've been watching photos or movies about him. I started to follow him on Instagram and Twitter. I can't stop listening (You Drive Me) Crazy of Britney Spears -btw, awesome song-. Now I want to see his tv series. And I can't stop thinking of that amazing movie.

Maybe I am so in love with this movie and Adrian because (to be honest) everyone wants to live in a fairy tale, so do I. And I have never lived on one, so the only fairy tale that I have right now it's that movie. Their love, their school life, him, her, everything.
Painful, but true.

Anyway, every time I have an obssesion I think that it will be forever. But (thanks god) next week I'll get another one.


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