My Secret Dream of Dancing Ballet.

Friday, July 03, 2015

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Lately everything in my live is "changing", And I think I found something that I really like a lot and I feel good with myself: dancing. I wanna practice it good. Four days ago I asked my mom if I could take ballet classes and she said "yes, but you have to reach a good school". I did it, I want to see if I actually like it.
  When I was younger I always entered and left clubs: karate, Hawaii's dance, swimming, chess, football, gymnastics (which actually it was not gymnastics). I always left this clubs 'cause I really didn't like them. But I'm sure I like this one.
  I know a lot of girls started since they are six years-old or less and I've wanted this for years so I won't give up.

  Yesterday I went to see ballet schools and I found one. At first me and my mom called the school and they gave us information but after we told them we were going to see their facilities and when we went, there was no one. We called them back ten times, and nobody answered.
  So we crossed more streets to see other schools and the majority were gyms or schools for other types of dances like jazz. And finally we found other ballet school, Unfortunately we were told the teacher hurt her ankle and classes would resume in two weeks.
  I also saw jazz schools because I thought as I entered the ballet, I could be there. But none I liked it, all was poorly organized (and I hate that).

  So I decided to take jazz classes where I took them before and wait till the ballet ones start...

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