My Expirence watching the Whole Dance Academy Series in ONE Week

Monday, July 06, 2015

I know, you may now calling me crazy, this happened without I realized! Last week, on friday, there were no classes so I had nothing to do and I had gotten up early (yes, I am one of those people who get up early). Then I was watching Netflix to see new stuff and then I saw Dance Academy, I had seen it before but it had not made me want to see the show. So I just got curious and pressed "Play". I should not have.

That was the beginning of one of the biggest addictions I've had in my life.

  At first, I didn't like the first episode too much, but curiosity won me again and I pressed "See next chapter." After watching the second episode I went back to the same button and pressed it until, suddenly, I saw eleven episodes. That was how the rest of the week, in two days, I finished the first season (26 episodes). And finally, for the following Friday I finished the entire series. I laughed, I cried, I got angry ...
  Here, three days after completing the series and I'm depressed post-serie.
  So never doubt the power of a series and if it is something you really like like Sydney or ballet or handsome guys ...

Anyway, if you have not seen Dance Academy, here is a brief overview of the series (I will give as little as possible spoilers):
Everything originates in Sydney, Australia. Revolves around Tara, a girl of fifteen years-old who lives on a farm and her biggest passion is to dance ballet, she auditioned for the National Academy of Ballet. Here Tara meet new friends, frenemies, and falls in love. Of course, all is not happy, she learns that ballet is not only tutus and beautiful dances, it is more work than she expected. The purpose of the Academy is that after three years, the Company makes them auditions to see who stays in it and dance ballet professionally.
I think Tara feel in love with the wrong person at the end of the series. I also think that people who did get the contract with the company really deserved it, this even gave me pride haha.

I feel that I would have liked how the story ended with some secondary characters like Sammy's father, Ethan, Gretha, etc. Or maybe I'm really depressive.

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